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Perfect patio cleaning results from GardenersCanaryWharf. I don't know how they managed to get it done so quickly and so cheaply but I'm glad I found these guys.

  • Chris Turner

I am thrilled with the level of service provided by their garden landscapers. They did an incredible job at my backyard. I would recommend them to anyone in need of lawn care.

  • Beth W.

Thank you Canary Wharf Gardeners for the job you did for us on the lawn, highly recommend this lawn care service.

  • G. Bradley

I can't recommend this gardening company highly enough. Canary Wharf Gardeners were amazing throughout, left a lasting impression.

  • Sara P.

The landscaping work that needed to be carried out was significant in scale. But the team that arrived from Gardening Company Canary Wharf had no problems completing the tasks. Not only did they complete everything, they did so to an incredibly high standard. The great price was just the cherry on top.

  • Rachel G.

I honestly can't remember the last time I received such good customer service. From the moment I called up to get a quote, Lawn Maintenance Service Canary Wharf bent over backwards to make me happy, making sure I could get the garden care I needed within my budget, and recommending loads of ideas for how to keep my garden looking fab on the days they don't come. I am so impressed, I look forward to a long time working with them.

  • Les Barrist

I can't do landscaping. I can do basic stuff round the garden, but I can never make it look pretty like you see in the magazines. I called Lawn Maintenance Service Canary Wharf and they did a very good job of listening to what I wanted and helping me make it happen! I'm very, very pleased with them!

  • Wanda H.

Very impressed with how professional and fast the gardeners from GardenersCanaryWharf were.

  • David F.

For great lawn and garden care, I heartily recommend Gardening Company Canary Wharf. Low prices, high quality service and skilful gardeners.

  • A. Stoddard

Garden Care Service Canary Wharf did terrific work when they undertook a garden clearance for me. I had so much junk that I couldn't sort and remove it all myself but this team could. They picked up old items and garden waste with ease and had everything off my property with no problems.

  • Lilly Vance

I would recommend Gardening Company Canary Wharf to anyone after they've impressed me time and time again with their fantastic services. They really care for my garden, and the grass, plants and flowers are all thriving under their regular care. The staff here are much friendlier than my previous company, and the prices are also much more affordable. I don't have any complaints about this company or their wonderful teams!

  • Mark

My garden needed some modifications and so I decided to hire Canary Wharf Gardeners for gardening services. The team arrived at the specified time and completed the job successfully. My garden was revamped and they also built a birdbath in the back yard. Now it looks so beautiful, just like a picnic spot! I would definitely recommend this professional firm for all your gardening needs.

  • Elizabeth F.

GardenersCanaryWharf and their gardening maintenance service are an excellent choice if you want a cheaper way to make your garden beautiful. I didn't think I would be able to afford such a professional service, but I managed to get a great price and additional discounts too! The service is highly reliable and great value!

  • Jade Graham

I absolutely love Garden Care Service Canary Wharf! Their gardeners put a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction and care for gardens the same way they would handle their own. Their team are kind enough to keep their customers updated with the project that they are working on, so there are never any unexpected nasty surprises at the end of their service. They definitely deliver smooth, efficient, professional services.

  • Duncan L.

It isn't often that I hire a professional to do any chores in my home but I felt it wasn't fair to my garden. I've always been able to maintain my home but my garden was a different matter. I wanted it to look as good as the rest of my home and I wouldn't be able to do it myself. I looked at different garden maintenance firms and Lawn Maintenance Service Canary Wharf were who I chose. I knew they would be able to do the job and they did. They have consistently made my garden look great.

  • J. West

I cannot thank the staff at Canary Wharf Gardeners enough! They are incredible at what they do and they offer so much value for such a great price! I have already recommended their services and them as a company to my brother and would recommend them to others too!

  • Bob Steele

I was really satisfied with the landscaping job my garden got from Canary Wharf Gardeners. The garden design team offered photographs to give me ideas and we discussed how I wanted it and how much work I was prepared to put into maintaining it. I was very happy with the work and the results. The garden was transformed into a stunning area to enjoy any time of the year and at a reasonable cost.

  • Bettie Bird

Canary Wharf Gardening Service and the team that showed up did a fantastic job in my garden and considering the amount of work that needed doing, the whole service was very reasonably priced. The price quote that I was given over the phone was very clear and simple and turned out to be true as I didn't end up paying a penny more on the day of the work. There were no hidden charges; everything was transparent and succinctly explained, leaving me in little doubt that I was dealing with a professional company.

  • Sharon Wood

I never thought I would need help with my gardening but there were too many weeds for me to handle. Canary Wharf Gardeners were who I called for help and I'm glad I did. They supplied the assistance necessary to remove the weeds in my garden. It was a big job and probably would have taken all week if I had done it alone, but with the help of their expert gardeners the work was done in one afternoon. I now have the garden I want, without any weeds, so I want them to see this glowing review.

  • Joshua K.

I wish other businesses would adopt the same approach as you. Your team values customers and that is evident in your way of working. I was unable to devote much time to my garden and that is why I called up your gardening services for leaf clearance and garden clean up. I am really happy with the high quality of work done. Thank you, Gardening Company Canary Wharf. Job well done!

  • Adrian G.

I recently used Canary Wharf Gardening Service to completely de-weed my garden and get rid of the muck and grime on my patio. Their gardeners really did provide me with an excellent service; I can't fault any of the work they carried out, and the price for the service hire was very reasonable considering the amount of work that needed seeing to. If and when the time calls for it, I'll definitely be calling them and hiring their services for my future gardening work.

  • Lucy

Unfortunately, I had to let my previous gardener go because he retired. Before he left, he advised I call Gardening Company Canary Wharf who he said could take over my garden maintenance and wouldn't cost the earth! In fact, they charged slightly less than my previous gardener but I was very happy for the recommendation as I've been delighted with their work.

  • Joy Davis

We recently moved to a green neighbourhood and hired Canary Wharf Gardening Service for lawn maintenance. Their annual contract had all the features that we were looking for. The team was punctual and reliable and offered us excellent customer service. Lawn restoration and repair never looked so easy. We have already recommended them to our friends and family.

  • Martin and Julia

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